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Been trying to get a decent recording of my new trumpet from Austin Winds. Sound quality of the recording is still sketchy but I hope a good overall sample of my new trumpet.

I love this horn. Responds well in all registers. Nice full body to the low register and crystal clear with a soft undertone in the upper register. I'm a bright player and this smooths out my sound quite a bit. It's like playing into a pillow, but with all the projection and resonance I could want and need. Notes slot well and yet still allows me to slide through the partials with little effort. I hope you can hear how much "bounce" there is on the attacks. It's my favorite thing about the horn.

This was a 2 hour show from tonight (June 11th, 2016) in Alamogordo, NM. I left in a few spots where I cracked and missed just so you hear how the horn responds when I screw up or run out of air (which I try my best to keep at a minimum). The video editing is next to nothing. I just wanted to get this posted and go to bed.

Bought this horn in February 2016 at TMEA and never looked back. Her name is Rose. I am still learning her tuning patterns and she lets me know very quickly when I start to get tired. But she and I are getting along really well so far. Hopefully more and better videos to come soon.

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